cheyenne DOG SOLDIERS of Illinois
  Field Reports of the Past


"When it comes time to die, be not like those whose hearts are filled with the fear of death, so when their time comes they weep and pray for a little more time to live their lives over again in a different way. Sing your death song, and die like a hero going home." - Chief Aupumut (1725), Mohican.

1. World At War (BattleFront -Hubbard, OH) L
2. Monte Cassino (PBtoGo - Roodhouse, IL) L          
3. Red Storm Rising (CPX - Joliet, IL)  L           
4. BoCage (Realms of Ruin - Custer Park, IL)VICTORY & *MVT 
5. Remagen Bridge (SSPB - Greene IA)  VICTORY                    
6.  Band of Brothers (Hubbard, Ohio) VICTORY
7. Battle For The Rhine (Anderson, Indiana)

2009 SEASON 
1.  Bastogne (White River Paintball, Anderson, Indiana) *MVT
2.  World at War (Battlefront Paintball, Hubbard, Ohio) VICTORY & 
3.  Heroes & Villains (Fox Paintball, Millington, Illinois) *MERCS - Dog 8 MVP
4.  Living Legends II (CPX - Challenge Park, Joliet, Illinois) VICTORY
5.  Oklahoma D-Day (D-Day Adventure Park, Wyandotte, OK) VICTORY
6.  Michigan Monster Game(Hell Survivors, Pinckney, MI) L
Dog 12 MVP
7.  Ia Drang Valley (Battlefront Paintball, Hubbard, Ohio)   VICTORY



April 19th, 2008 - The World At War - Battlefront Paintball - Hubbard, Ohio
     The Germans did not take the day in this event. Our unit however, was part of a 15 man contingent that did drive the British back several hundred yards, over-running the British flag station on 3 different occasions. It could be argued that if the judges had ever witnessed our removal of the British flag on 3 different occasions the day might have turned out quite differently, but we had a marvelous time in any event. It was great hanging out with so many friendly new faces, all working as part of a larger unit with cohesion that would have undoubtedly led an onlooker to believe that we all knew each other quite well. It was a blast.

May 3rd-4th, 2008 - Monte Cassino - PaintballToGo - Roodhouse, Illinois     
Outnumbered roughly 120-60 the Germans went down to a last second defeat, the final horn sounding just as we were re-storming The Abbey. The final 15 minutes were as furious and intense as it gets. We'll never forget charging up the gut while withering a barrage of American paint as well as Jason's kamikazee cartwheeling attempt to avoid the ever attacking American tank known as "Thor".

May 17th, 2008 - Red Storm Rising -
CPX Sports - Joliet, Illinois
Outnumbered 3-2 the UN (we were West Germans) started off roughly, being totally dominated by General Bill Bailey's always flanking, always encircling coordinated attacks. But in round 2 the Dog Soldiers held our own and more, returning 2 shot down pilots and holding our flag station for 2 thirty minute scoring periods. In the deciding round the Dog Soldiers held our flag the first hour by laying down a withering suppressing fire on the attack point Bailey's Russians had chosen, only to go down when the final assault found us outnumbered 20-3 and over-run. In the 2nd and 3rd rounds our unit proved very effective and more than up to the challenge. The war of attrition does not blemish how well we fought today. Highlights included...
1. Our entire unit holding flag stations against overwhelming numbers for over an hour on two separate occassions
2. Lance's charge into a sniper squad believing he was only chasing one sniper
3. Jason's charge into an empty building to remove the Russian flag only to findout that the building was far from empty and that he should have not left his marker behind to make his run.
4. Catching 8-9 Russians out in the open setting up to storm our flank, and sending most of them to the respawn area.
5. Team work, Cody's suppressing fire, Ryan and Mark's snipering and Steven's aggressiveness all forming into a cohesive fighting unit
6. Our unit collecting 500 of the UN's total 1,000+ points
After a shaky, overwhelming beginning, we did ourselves proud.

June 21st-22nd, 2008 - BATTLE OF BOCAGE
REALMS OF RUIN - Custer Park, Illinois
Outnumbered 3-2... VICTORY ! 
Under the Generalship of Rocky and Rey (Razor) Cervantes of Nightshade the Dog Soldiers spent the days covering flanks, retrieving secondary objectives, providing escort and whatever else was asked of us. We, the Germans took the day. The grunt work was rewarded as the Dog Soldiers were part of the contingent that repulsed wave after wave of desperate Allied attempts to storm our flag station in the final hour of the conflict. During the post battle awards ceremony The Dog Soldiers were awarded-named the MVP Team for our overall efforts. The award and recognition are much appreciated by all of the Dog Soldiers.

June 29th, 2008 - Battle for Remagen Bridge
Sure Shootin Paintball, Greene, Iowa
Down by 8 points going into the final frame the Germans pulled off an amazing 10-0 swing against the Americans to pull a 2 point victory from the jaws of defeat and secure the Bridge at Remagen. The Dog Soldiers were pivitol in securing 8 of the 10 points in the final frame. This was a classic win that we will remember for a long time. Strong individual performances, but the squad performance was even better. On this day we had to be dealt with. 

August 16th-17th, 2008- Omaha Beach
Combat Paintball, Deer Park, Wisconsin
Many of the other players switched sides at the halfway point in this game, making victory difficult to decipher, but we ran into some top notch Wisconsin teams, especially the "Wild Bunch". A segment of the Dog Soldiers held back a flanking attack of far greater numbers for 45 minutes, and the Dog Soldiers proved to be one of the few speed bumps to the machine that was the Wild Bunch. Outnumbered more than 2-1, the Germans fought a tough defensive battle all day against some highly tuned Wisconsin scenario teams. 

September 13th, 2008 - Band Of Brothers
BattleFront Paintball, Hubbard, Ohio
Almost violent rainstorm went on most of the event.
The soggy Dog Soldiers played a pivitol roll in a massive come-from-behind victory. Down 40,000 to 3,000 the Dogs and BioHazard came out swinging in the second half to lead the Germans to a stunning 80,000+ to 40,000+ victory. Dog teamwork is starting to really come around. Magnum & Huggy Bear fit right in and were intregal parts of the Dog effort. Most complimentary - When the game was on the line the German General placed the Dogs in charge of the critical turning point victory. Kudos to Jason for an almost impossible flag taking at the buzzer. In our best display of teamwork the entire squad came together to get the wounded-stretcher prop back to HQ, and in the final battle for the city the Dogs were perched on every corner of the city, keeping the fire and communication up, not allowing the Americans a foothold into the city they needed to take to win the game. We are arriving

October 4th-5th, 2008 - Battle For The Rhine
White River Paintball, Anderson, Indiana
Reminiscent of Bridge at Remagen, outnumbered all event, and by as much as 37-22, the Dog Soldiers and the Germans pull off yet another insane come-from-way-behind victory. Going into the last round down by 550 points in an 800 point round, the Germans pull off an amazing 700-100 round for a 50 point, 2,850 to 2,800 victory. Amazing efforts all over the field but special mention must be given to Adam Magnum Little Wolf Harris for returning 4 of the 7 props captured by the Germans in the final, game winning round. Adam was like a man possessed at times today, and especially during the last round, where his speed-stealth was the key to a great, great victory !

March 14th-15th, 2009 - Bastogne
White River Paintball, Anderson, Indiana
The Germans fell 156-118 in a numerically uneven, hard fought battle. On Day 1 outnumbered at a 6-4 ratio the German assaults could not crack the combination of superior numbers and skillful defense on the part of the Allies. On Day 2, fighting thru a forest, uphill, trying to crack the tightly defended Bastogne the German Army came up short. Dog Soldier moments came when we fought our guts out for an hour and a half to take 200 feet of hillside from the Americans, and when our lads played a huge role in the final comeback attempt that almost swung the tide of battle. Noteworthy efforts from Dog 2 for always being in the front of the German assaults to punch a hole in the Allied line, Dog 8 for once again proving to be a superior runner for props, Adam Applegun (Dog 11) for showing potential to be a solid second runner for Dog Soldiers, and William Dumbear (Dog 12) for his unrivaled cover-suppression fire.
 The Dog Soldiers were awarded-named German MVP Team for our overall efforts. The award and recognition are much appreciated by all of the Dog Soldiers.


April 18, 2009 - World at War 2
Battle Front Paintball, Hubbard, Ohio



Attendance – 470

     470 scenario paintball players were evenly distributed among 4 teams fighting for world domination; Australia, Japan, Russia and China
     Dog Soldiers commanded the Australian forces in this scenario paintball version of RISK. The Dog Soldiers game plan was to hit first, hit hard and keep the opposition forces reacting to our moves, while Australian forces acquired the necessary currency and control of as many of the 18 scattered flag stations as our team, the Australians could control.
     The Australian forces eventually exerted their will over a majority of the battlefield and refused to relinquish the attained ground, repulsing assault after assault as the opposition flailed away with full force blunt trauma trying to get the Australians to relinquish our firm grip on the game. In the end the Australians held most of the ground-flag stations acquired and were rewarded with a rather resounding victory.
Australia         72
Russia             33
Japan               31
China               20
      Special mention is to be given to teams Bio Hazard, N.E.O.S.M.U.T. and Cleveland Paintball for their invaluable efforts in this Australian victory.
     . Special recognition must be bestowed upon Dog 8, Adam Harris, for his work as the General’s runner, keeping the General apprised of all battle and flag station situations from the perspective of human eyes, augmenting the radio communication and giving Dog Soldiers, Australians a tactical edge on the field.
       Dog Soldier moments include Dog 9 heroically running up the Australian flag in the middle of Battle Front’s city with literally hundreds of paintballs flying all around him during the entire effort; Dog 12 for leading a large contingent into the city during the Australian assault that led to our taking the city; Dog 2 for shooting up a transport vehicle carrying six Mercs before they could begin their assault on an Australian position and Dog 1 for painting four of the opposition and capturing-tagging seven others, including the Merc General in a desperate two minute attempt to hold a pivotal building of city while hoping for reinforcements that this one time didn’t get to the scene in time.
       It was an amazing, overall Australian, Dog Soldier effort. We did ourselves, and our sponsors, proud.

No action shots (we'll get you Mustang John, we'll get you) but some good memory holders

It Takes A Village

Group Effort Holding Up Banner

He Who Eats the Last Can of Potted Meat Suffers the Wrath of the Squad

Steve Unable to Find Cover

Lance's Feet or Head Are On Backwards

William Compels Huggy To Get A Haircut
May 9, 2009 - Heroes & Villains
Fox Paintball, Millington, Illinois
Attendance - 300+ (as reported)

Based on the television show "Heroes & Villains". Two large armies, The Heroes & The Villains are in conflict. A third, non-attached smaller group, The Company (Mercenaries) are on the field to cause havoc. This event was held in 6-inch deep mud and or 9 inch deep water. The environment created a realistic, sluggish, slug-it-out tone throughout the event

Dog Soldiers filled the coveted role of The Company (Mercs) and, although only 11 in number, had a definitive impact on this 300+ player event.

Team Highlights
Dog Soldiers were the majority of a small contingent of 6 (4 Dog Soldiers) that fended off a furious assault on the hill we were holding of more than 30 opposing players, leaving the takers of the hill wondering aloud how so few did so much damage to their assault group. It was the firefight of firefights
Dog Soldiers, under withering fire grabbed a pivital creek bed near opposition headquarters, from which we poured fire into the opposition until a referee stopped the action by running between the two forces screaming "Stop shooting ! Stop shooting ! They can't take anymore ! Slaughter Rule !"
Dog Soldiers were on the pinnacle of a major assault that crushed opposition forces, driving a force much larger than our group more than 400 yards and through two different cities. It was a half hour continuous assault that garnered for our side two cities and more opposition casualties than our side used in total in the assault

Individual Accolades
Dog 8, Adam Harris was awarded MVP for individually capturing two opposing Generals and for being on the tip of so many Dog Soldier attacks.
Dog 1, Lance was awarded MVP for general.

Dog 12, William Karwatka for continually placing himself in the middle of Dog Soldier assaults, ferocious Dog Soldier defensive stands, and for his efforts to keep the group together, focused on our team task-objective(s).

Dogs 11,13, Recruits Wes, Boyd and Eric were ALWAYS at the forefront of Dog Soldier attacks, and holding ground during some stalworth defensive stands. Dog Soldier left flank was secured all day by the selfless efforts of recruits Boyd & Eric, and if one wanted to find the pinnacle of the battle, all one needed to do was find Dogs 13 and 11  (when 11 wasn't holding down CP duties) and Recruit Wes

There were superhuman efforts by many throughout a rugged day of being severely outnumbered on the harshest possible terrain.

Dog Soldiers did ourselves and our sponsors proud
May 30-31, 2009 - Living Legends 2
CPX Field, Joliet, Illinois
Attendance - 700+ (as reported)

Victory !

Dog Soldiers battled on the side of the New World Order, Red Team. Right away it became obvious that the opposition was overmatched, surrounded, penned in almost from the opening horn, and stayed surrounded on a sliver of the field most of the event. Dog Soldiers served as base guards, escorts, and occasionally gap-fillers (whenever the opposition attempted a breakout from their encirclement).

Dog Soldiers performed due diligence work in these less-than-extreme circumstances to pay back for all of the times recently when other teams had done the due diligence work while Dog Soldiers went on the important missions and were at the crest of the important battles. This one-sided match allowed us, Dog Soldiers to at least in part repay the favor. In the name of brotherhood and unity we were proud to accept the grunt work this time.

Duly noted that recruit - now Dog Soldier John Rampaging Hamilton Jr. (Akecheta = Fighter) earned his keep as an effective point man - medium gunner and was on the pinnacle position of the Red Team move on the city-dividing hill during the final one hour city-to-city melee. Welcome Dog 14 !

And now on to OK-D-Day !

June 13, 2009 - Oklahoma D-Day
D-Day Adventure Park, Wyandotte, Oklahoma
Attendance – 3,400
Victory !
Dog Soldiers were to be part of the 2nd Battalion of the 6th Fallschirmjager; however, when it was discovered that Dog Soldiers were among the few in the 6th Fallschirmjager to show up, Dog Soldiers spent the morning at Oklahoma D-Day 2009 functioning as an independent squad. We fought a skirmish with elements of the 82nd Airborne, delaying their advance with some success, given that we were a squad facing what appeared to be a platoon strength fighting force. At one point, after fighting a delaying action with elements of the 82nd Airborne, costing them 12-15 minutes of precious time one of their field officers complimented Dog Soldiers, “your tactics slowed us down quite a bit”. Those US Airborne guys were tough. It was our honor to lock horns with them.
In the afternoon Dog Soldiers placed ourselves at the front line of the German Army Colleville defensive effort, a chaotic firefight that left every Dog Soldier physically exhausted but with 20+ confirmed hits apiece. There were many highlights in the Colleville defense; A couple of Dog Soldiers getting 10+ hits in roughly ten seconds after setting up a defilade aided turkey shoot as a stream of unsuspecting Allies attempted to turn the Colleville flag; Dog Soldiers holding a bulge in the line for 30 minutes after both our left and right flanks collapsed, preventing the Allies from turning the Colleville flag; and Dog Soldiers being at the pinnacle of the final German assault that led to an astonishing Allied surrender.
Kudos to Jason Gonzalez & Steven Goebel for their on field decisions that helped keep the Dog Soldiers in the eye of the storm during some intense firefights at Oklahoma D- Day 2009.
We did our sponsors, and ourselves proud

July 25-26, 2009 - Michigan Monster Game
Hell Survivors Paintball, Pinckney, Michigan
Attendance - 1500+

Dog Soldiers battled on the side of the Red Team. From the get-go it became apparent that the Dog Soldiers were facing an alliance of the Yellow Team (which already outnumbered Red) and the Mercenary Team. This was an uphill battle that required above-and-beyond efforts just to stay in the game. Dog Soldiers and many of the great teams we sided with, Bio Hazard, NEOSMUT, etc. were up to the task. This was a two-day slugfest.

Time after time Dog Soldiers were leading or part of contingents that held vital flag ground - flag stations; Archie Bunker for two hours in the face of being encircled by 2-1 numbers with a yellow tank that just kept hammering us; West Point for two hours + in a fierce conflict that ended when 50+ Yellows and Mercs stormed the West Point structure itself, the defense of which by that point had been reduced to three Dog Soldiers and two walk-ons.

Dog Soldiers often found themselves leading or in front of attacks to dislodge Yellow-Merc forces from flag stations. Dog Soldiers 2, 9 and 14 led an hour assault on Bravo position which forced the opposition to redirect troop movements, leading directly to the fall of two Yellow held flag stations.

Dog Soldier 12 earned Red Team's MVP Award for his overall leadership on the field, his communication with Red Command Center and his masterful handling of the walk-ons.
This was an award very much earned, well deserved.

Special mention must be given to Dog Soldiers 6, 9 and 14 for responding well to their increased roles.

At the conclusion of the two-day battle Red Team and the Dog Soldiers came up just short of pulling off what would have been a major upset.  There was growth and the continued stubbornness-determination that has become the Dog Soldiers trademark stamped all over this event.

"If it was up to me to select the MVP I'd have said Just give it to the Dog Soldiers".
General - Red Team

Once again, we did ourselves and our sponsors proud.

August 22, 2009 – Ia Drang Valley
Battlefront Paintball, Hubbard, Ohio
Attendance - 300+

Dog Soldiers battled for the U.S. forces. As part of the Lost Platoon Dog Soldiers
and Tech Warriors maintained an hour and fifteen minutes of stubborn resistance, surpassing by 45 minutes (2.5 times) the amount of time Lost Platoon had resisted in 2008. Special mention to the member of Tech Warriors who hid for another hour plus after the battle was over, denying NVA points for clearing the zone. The Lost Platoon (“We Were Soldiers”) segment of the event was an epic firefight that saw Dog Soldiers 6, 8,9 and 13 displaying the grit and determination that Dog Soldiers are becoming known for. The theme was now set for the day…. The U.S. forces were heavily outnumbered and would have to give a super human effort to come up with a victory
In the afternoon conflict Dog Soldiers group,with the high ground, methodically and effectively pushed forward, over-running 4 NVA flag stations, each flag station being heavily defended by dug-in NVA troops. This was a knock down endurance battle that saw Dog 9 tenaciously leading assault after assault on the NVA flag stations
In the final minutes of the battle, outcome still in question Dog Soldiers, Tech Warriors, N.E.O.S.M.U.T. and Bio Hazard as these teams have come to do on a regular basis, put the bit in the mouth and pulled the locomotive across the finish line, taking one last NVA flag and securing a U.S. 2,490 – NVA 2,310 Victory.
Special mention must be given to Dog 13 for his grenade hit counts and his scores of hits with his Tippmann during the battle. Special mention must be given to Dogs 8 and 9 for their mission control - under fire decision-making, aggressiveness and leadership. And special mention must be given to teams Bio Hazard, N.E.O.S.M.U.T. and Tech Warriors for their class, their camaraderie, and their ability to continually pull victory from the jaws of defeat….time after time Dog Soldiers have combined with these teams to accomplish the near impossible. We cannot thank our brothers, our allies enough.
Dog Soldiers did ourselves and our sponsors proud

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World at War 2
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