cheyenne DOG SOLDIERS of Illinois
  Field Reports 2010

"I did not know then how much was ended. When I look back now from this high hill of my old age, I can still see the butchered women and children lying heapen and scattered all along the crooked gulch as plain as when I saw them with eyes still young. And I can see that something else died there in the bloody mud, and was buried in the blizzard. A peoples dream died there. It was a beautiful dream....the nations hoop is broken and scattered. There is no center any longer, and the sacred tree is dead. "

                                                                         "Black Elk, Lakota"

                             1. Risk/Castle Siege  (Sherewood Paintball -La Porte, IN) L
                      2. World at War III    (Battlefront Paintball -Hubbard, OH)  L, MVT, MVP

                      3. BattleField 2         (Realms of Ruin -Custer Park, IL)    

                             4. Living Legends III   (CPX Field - Joliet, IL)

                             5. Day of Days   (Battle Front Paintball - Hubbard, OH

                             6. 18th Summer Big Game   (Blast Camp - Hobart, IN)

                             7. Beaches of Normandy  (White River Paintball -Indiana Tribe- Anderson IN)

                             8.  Operation Jericho  ( Realms of Ruin -Custer Park, IL)

                             9. Training Day 6  (Fox Paintball -Fox River, IL)

                            10. Battle for Stalingrad  (White River Paintball -Indiana Tribe- Anderson, IN)

                            11. Monster Mash  (Fort Knox Paintball -Winamic, IN)

                            12. Blast Camp Big Game  (Blast Camp -Hobart IN)

April 17th, 2010 – World at War III – Battle Front Paintball – Hubbard, Ohio


450 Scenario paintball players and walk ons were evenly distributed among the 4 teams fighting for world domination; USMC, Polish Home Army, British Desert Rats, and the German Airborne.



Before the game began, the Dog Soldiers were presented the flag Called Dog-1 in memory of our fallen father, founder, and our heart of the team that still beats in every Dog Soldier. The flag was then moved by the entire Dog Soldiers team to the newly built Fort, named Fort Goebel in his memory. A personal thanks to all of the owners of Battlefront Paintball, and Arc Troopers for going way above and beyond, in making this truly a special event for the Dog Soldiers.


Team Bio Hazard commanded the Polish Home Army and kept in coms with Dog Soldiers to complete various objectives such as taking gold, mascots, weapon ammunition crates and bombs and attacking flag stations turning them to the Yellow Team (polish)

The other Teams involved in making up the Polish side was The Immortals, Total Resistance, Old Balls, Lightning Force which fought their hearts out in this very close battle.

During the second half the Polish dominated the allied forces of the USMC and the German Airborne so well that our own allies the British Desert Rats  turned on us making it 3 of the teams fighting against just the Polish,

In a no hold bard type of fight, the Polish held their positions in what turned out to be a powerful hold of ground which turned into losing and then retaking of the city on several occasions during the much heated fight.

In the end, The polish Army came up short which Chappy said was one of the closest battles ever at Battle Front Paintballs World at War Series.




                                                   USMC          24000

                                                   Polish          21000

                                                   British         15000

                                                   Germans      -4500



Special mention is to be given to teams Bio Hazard, The Immortals, Total Resistance and Lightening Force for Excellence on the field at all times, and the display of great sportsmanship.

A Special Thanks to Loki34 for his hard efforts out there despite having knee problems which took him out of the game.

Dog Soldier moments Include Dog 8 Heroically being in so many places at once, calling out enemy positions, and his abilities to tell the Dogs where they needed to be, this is a Honor well deserved;

The entire Dog Soldier force attacking the German’s Base and over running it, and repelling a counter attack twice the size of the Dog Soldiers holding the base, and then in Kamikaze style pushing forward to the next flag being out numbered 4 to 1 and never losing the German Base as the first half ended, this was a great overall effort by all of the Dog Soldiers steeping up, and fighting with such furiousness;

Dog-2’s Suicide mission to try to overt troops to his attention, trying to help the other forces on the other side, by taking out 7 enemies single handily before being shot out at the Reichstag ; Dog-29 outstanding attention to detail, when asked to guard the wooden post so that they would not change hands, he guarded them for 1 1/2hours making sure they would not switch hands by our ally at them time; Dog-9 amazing abilities to be all over the field leading charges, pushing troops to their objectives, and being a great leader out there when the situation called for it; MJ for being a great, great trooper out there, plugging the holes and never leaving the side of his brothers and for his great ability to take out the enemies when needed; Dog-15 for his great efforts in leading walk-ons to take on certain objectives that helped the overall  Polish drive; Dog-6 for his outstanding  cover fire once the Dog Soldiers took over the German Base, made it possible to push forward towards the enemies Flag Station.


Dog Soldiers took 2 Honors at Battle Front’s World at War III.

Dog-12  Took the Leadership MVP for the Polish Side

Dog Soldiers shared MVT for the Polish side in which was a hard fought and well deserved honor,

We did Lance, Ourselves, and our Sponsors Proud.

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