cheyenne DOG SOLDIERS of Illinois


Battle of Bocage  
June 21-22, 2008

DOG SOLDIERS proudly took home
Bill Bailey's Tour Of Duty
**Most Valuable Squad Award**

"Would be great to see you Dog Soldiers. You're topknotch players" 
William "Bill" Bailey

Band of Brothers 
September 13, 2008

"Also, my personal gratitude to the Dog Soldiers, you guys help turned the tide."
General Sam Poon, aka German CO 

Battle of Bastogne
March 14-15, 2009

email -  how are you guys doin? my name is danny i played with you guys for the battle of the Rhine and bastone battle. just wanted to get in contact. you can contact me any time. even though we lost i still had a lot of fun . thanks again for bein there and making paintball so much more alive.   Danny  

World at War
April 18, 2009

"Hi, this is aquateenjunkie from WAW2.  I just wanted to give you guys that congratz that you deserve for whooping a** all day saturday. You guys had your s*** together, and knew how to win. Thanks for putting up a good fight, maybe a little too"

Dog Soldiers - Winning General World at War

Heroes & Villains
May 9, 2009
"Thanks for making it out Dog Soldiers you guys did a FANTASTIC job as the mercs.. The Dog that captured each Commander is probably the most sneaky SOB I have ever had the pleasure coming across. I truely hope to see you guys again in the near future and I hope even more that you will be at TRAINING DAY 9/20/09 and join the SEALS!"
Chicago Heretics

DOG 1 - MVP General

UWL Tournament
May 16-17, 2009

Michigan Monster Game
July 25-26, 2009
"If it was up to me to select the MVP I'd have said Just give it to the Dog Soldiers."
General - Red Team

Dog 12 - MVP

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Best Regards,
Pete Rauholt
PR Manager

World at War III
April 17th, 2010 -Hubbard, OH

“I just wanted to shout out to the Dog Soldiers.  This is the first time I have had the oppurtunity to play with you guys.  I ran around with  two of your team members for a brief period, and to say that I was impressed would be a huge understatement.  If the rest of your team is as talented, knowledgeable, and friendly as these two than WOW!”

Dog-12 MVP
Dog Soldiers MVT

Achilles (The Immortals)
Battlefront Paintball Forums

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